About Billion Dollar Budget

Welcome to Billion Dollar Budget. To be fully transparent, I do not have a billion dollars, nor do I manage a billion dollar budget. No instead, this is my story, my journey really, of getting out of debt and helping others do so at the same time. When I started this site, I had over $180,000 USD is credit card debt. Yes, you read that correctly, all on credit cards. An additional $525,000 USD in consumer debt (car and house… the cost of living cheaply┬áin Silicon Valley). In addition, I have a wife and two kids.


My credit card debt isn’t the result of lavish goods spending, or drugs, or addictions of any kind. Believe it or not, all of it, I gave away. I assure you, your eyes are just fine, I said I gave it all away. I donated it to charities, non-profits, I gave it away to others more in need. I don’t regret any of the donations I made, they were all worthwhile causes, however, I do wish I had been smarter on the source of the funds used to make those contributions. I soon found myself in way over my head and I knew something needed to change.


The name of this site is my postulate for the future and this is where I begin this journey. So let this place serve as a record and as a resource to others to clear the debt, climb out of the rat race, and into financial freedom and success.

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